What happened in Gokarna did not stay in Gokarna — The Story of Roots

It all began in the small coastal temple town of Karnataka, Gokarna.

Bhuwan Arora, having graduated from IIT Delhi and delved into the world of entrepreneurs straight away, he had a passion for change. Naturally, he went hunting — for problems to solve. After hustling across several ideas, he found the problem of his dreams (only an entrepreneur can experience the irony) in the demand and supply systems existing in the country.

But when you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to stay smart and start small. Knowing that it wasn’t feasible to tackle the giant straight away, he decided to aim for the eye.


The trillion dollar industry that forms a significant portion of our GDP.

With guidance from his mentor Animesh Singh, currently the COO of “Health & Glow”, Bhuwan built the foundation for his startup.

And that was how in Nov 2017, the Minimum Viable Product was launched under the Roots Gokarna banner.

Roots Gokarna

The basic product focused on destination discovery, helping to solve the many problems faced by travellers while exploring an unknown part of the world.

Roots provided 400+ options for enhancing the traveller’s experience and became the local notice board for businesses and travellers in Gokarna.

With in a month of the launch, there were around 1000 travellers who were keen to explore the Roots of Gokarna and were under the radar of Roots personal assistants. The testimonies of the travel lovers made Bhuwan take that next big leap.

Introducing Blockchain technology to travel.

And it didn’t stop there.

The success of Roots burgeoned, especially with the RTS Network that incorporated blockchain technology. It helped make travel cheaper and less cumbersome, besides giving better connectivity and knowledge of the locale. The local markets too were benefited by this platform to compete with major businesses.

For travellers and investors, it was everything that they wanted — served on a single platter.

To cut a long story short, what happened in Gokarna did not stay in Gokarna. Thanks to that, we’ve got a lot more interesting stories to tell!

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