How we plan to work for the ICO?

There are two kind of people from the crypto world

For one ICOs work by the Event Pitches which are like beauty pageant contests where the founders are judged on “who can deliver the best pitch”. Here the founders spend hours in perfecting their narratives, appearances and actions with large numbers and the polished graphics and create a falsified bogus world. In most cases audience have limited information to validate, judge or compare.

While there are other ICOs that work by doing the real hard work on the ground, innovating, solving a real problem and building up the community. Definitely this takes time, and is the tougher option. But this is what we believe in.

Our mantras for the ICO:

  1. Build a real product with usability than just creating fancy white-papers.

⇒ Real Product.

2. Not to waste time on ICO events and competitions. But build communityinstead of preparing pitches at events.

⇒ Community Meet-ups > ICO Events

3. If we do present, then our presentations are going to be informative and on how we plan to disrupt the Tourism Marketplaces using Blockchain.

⇒ Real, Transparent and Informative Pitches.

4. Focus on building a community that will make us fly than having fake members on a telegram channel.

⇒ Organic Growth + Community Building

5. Think hard on the problems we’re solving for decentralisation of the Tourism industry.

⇒ Belief in the decentralisation.

6. Get advisors who believe in the idea than ask for money upfront.

⇒ Real Mentors. Real Advisors.

ICO goal should never be JUST to raise money. The goal of an ICO should be to build a sustainable community. The goal should be to build an ecosystem of support for a powerful decentralised network.

Have more points that we can add to the list? Please comment below.

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