Roots Summer Of Learning

ROOTS is all about making your journey memorable, and we do the same for young minds through the Roots Summer of Learning. We spend time matching our interns’ skills to the jobs we need and make sure they get to experience the pulse of a startup. Mentored by the founders of Roots, the interns have the opportunity to hone their skills while also exploring new frontiers.

Our team of Super Interns are here to do just that.

Abhijith, Gayathry, Ayush and Parul from left to right.

Abhijith is a crypto-enthusiast who works as blockchain research intern at Roots, where he’s enjoying the startup experience. He believes hard work is without substitute, and his strongest passion is to own an island someday. While he’s not working, he surfs the internet and explores new options. Sitcoms and spy thrillers keep him rooted, and his favourite show is Silicon Valley. Happiness, hope and time are precious to him, and as he dreams of a world with economic equality, he’s also busy learning what he can from the people around him.

Gayathry is a final year Biotechnology student and content writing intern at Roots. She loves to experience and learn about every area possible, while also living her life on the simple motto of letting go of the past and embracing the future. During her leisure time she reads, goes photographing, or just enjoys an episode of Game of Thrones or Vikings. Love, ambition and self-belief are the three words that define her faith, and she’s always looking ahead.

Ayush is a final year Computer Science student and our data extracting intern. At Roots, he’s learning how to extract big data using APIs and web crawling with a helping hand from our mentors. He’s a techie who admires Mahatma Gandhi’s endurance, and adopts his famous philosophy of being the change as his life motto. He loves to spend his free time walking, reading and gaming. He savours butter chicken, favours Black Beauty and enjoys Vikings, Legion and Lucifer. Spontaneous, tenacious and unorthodox, he believes the world would be a much better place if only it toned down its anger.

Parul is our Market Research Intern, getting to learn about new places as part of her job. Family, friends and music are priceless to her. She enjoys singing, she’s a foodie and also an avid reader — Paulo Coelho being her favorite author. Confident, emotional and practical, she’s an advocate for literacy and has her eyes set on being a lecturer.

Sounds like something you’d like to be a part of? The good news is, we’ve openings for Market Research interns so if that’s a point of interest for you let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. Mail us at

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