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Choose Your Freedom Today

Our lives are made hectic by a great many things, but a significant portion is composed of those that remained past their expiry date.

We just couldn’t, or didn’t let them go.

Let It Go Day was one of the bevy of holidays created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holiday & Herbs that recognized this mental clutter and sought to help people get rid of it.

Are you weighed down by some past scuffle between you and your coworker? Or some hurtful exchanges with a loved one?

Maybe it was something you said, or they were just having a bad day, but it ended up hurting both of you.

Today is the best excuse to relieve yourself of all that garbage that’s weighing you down.

Realize that no one has figured out how to change the past yet, so the only thing you can do now is to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.

On this day, don’t let the misgivings of others or your personal faults get in the way of your well-being and productivity — to stay mindful of everything you do and say.

Your goal is to let go of negativity, so try out something that involves you that way.

Or better, just take off to some dreamy retreat and do the decluttering away from the daily grind. That way, we get to help you out too.

Share your experience with us — we’d love to hear you out!

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