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Paddle Away!

We live amidst a lot of noise. Vehicles on the road, intermittent notification alerts from your phone — the list goes on and on. Perhaps that’s why we prefer the quiet canoes, with no motors to interrupt the soft lapping sounds of the water around.

Canoeing can be the perfect getaway post a tiresome week. It appeals to a certain insecurity, as you’re on this tiny boat with nothing but open water and woods around you. You get to enjoy nature’s music and if you’re lucky, you could get to meet a few critters.

It’s also a great physical activity, as you have to paddle the canoe through the stretches of water. It’s also quite environment-friendly, and is suitable for all ages. With some basic safety gear in hand, anyone can be part of this healthy habit.

Ever since the first Canoe Day in 2007, all over the world canoe fans gather on this day and participate in various canoe-related activities to celebrate.

You could seek out the backwaters of Kerala for a relaxing canoe journey, or just head off to Goa if that’s more to your liking. Uttarakhand, Darjeeling and and Jammu & Kashmir are also great picks, especially if you’re fond of the more hilly terrains.

Just because you’re a canewbie doesn’t mean this day isn’t for you, so make sure you don’t miss out. You could explore the wilderness and experience a refreshing journey like never before.

Happy paddling, folks!

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