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Paul Bunyan — The man who created the Grand Canyon

Those of you who love folklore know that they tend to exaggerate quite a lot, and twist facts to such unbelievable proportions. And yet somehow, despite being rational individuals, we find these quite endearing.

That’s because they have a certain innocence to them, and besides you could explore an entirely alien culture through its folklores.

Paul Bunyan is a man who lived in such lore, originating in the oral tradition of North American loggers dating back to mid-1800s. Legends say he was already dozens of feet tall as a baby, that five giant storks had to work together to deliver him. And when he got older and taller, he would go on to create some major landmarks, accompanied by his pet blue ox Babe.

If it weren’t for this lumberjack, the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota (created from his footsteps) and the Grand Canyon (thanks to his shovel) would never have been. Creative explanations surpassed logical statements in the early days, and thanks to that we have a rich heritage of such tales.

This day is for all those adults who love to take a peek into their childhood. These stories were part and parcel of our lives back then, and to go through them again, perhaps in a different light now, could bring at the very least, a smile to your faces.

You could explore the local folklore in your area — no matter where you are in the world, each land would have its own stories to tell you.

What story did you hear today?

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