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Social Media Day

Step back for a moment and think of all the ways in which social media helps you out.

Want to let your friends what you have been up to?

Want to say hello to that childhood friend and plan a meetup?

Want help raising funds for some cause, or signatures for a petition?

What may have taken hours of time and precious energy in an earlier age is now possible within seconds thanks to social media. The range of communication channels available is also extremely appealing to our choice-savvy generation, so all in all it does tick many boxes on the satisfaction sheet.

Even professional bodies have recognized the relevance of social media in today’s society and use it for a range of purposes. It’s a well known fact now that employers also have a look at the social media profiles of potential employees to evaluate them. And for the employees, it’s now possible to have a closer relationship with firms of interest and stay updated on the latest trends.

To acknowledge the massive impact that social media has made on global communication, Mashable launched Social Media Day in 2010 and uses this celebration to bring together people of different countries and cultures, as social media has done.

So how do you celebrate this day?

Well it’s simple — just do all things that scream ‘social media’. Start a hashtag, upload a new picture, update your status — all those things that social media lets you do.

And of course — this goes without telling — have fun!

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