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Do you want to build a Scarecrow ?


Are you a fan of those solemn figures propped up on sticks, painting a solitary picture as they stand guard amidst fields of crop?

It so happens that they get a day all to themselves, which also marks the arrival of autumn.

The first Sunday of July each year is traditionally celebrated as Build a Scarecrow Day in America. On this day, people gather with supplies and put their creative skills to work as they build one of these stuffed guardians.

The oldest record of the scarecrow is in Kojiki, a Japanese book written in the year 712, which mentions a scarecrow called Kuebiko who cannot walk, and yet knows everything about the world.

Centuries later, these silent sentinels are still used in many parts of the world with creative modifications. From plastics to digitization, they have seen quite a few changes and quirky add-ons.

If you’ve never built a scarecrow and would like to try a hand, why not give it a go? There are no dearth of options, and it could be an event for the whole family to join in.

Make sure that when you make one for your garden, you also station one in your mind. Let it be extraordinary like you, standing guard on your dreams and scaring away anything that might threaten their realization.

On this day for scarecrows, be your own scarecrow and reap the harvest you rightfully deserve.

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