Today I choose life

Day for Shades, literally

Over the centuries, the sun has been revered, adored and utilized for the central role it plays in the maintenance of life.

On a lighter note, most of us love sunny days. It doesn’t just make sure our plans go well, it also lifts our spirits. The health benefits of staying out in the sun are also many.

But an excess of anything can be poison sometimes, so today we’ll be staying out of the sun for a change.

Long term exposure to the sun can cause damage to the eyes, besides other detrimental effects on health caused by heat exhaustion.

Anything from wrinkles to heat rashes, or even skin cancer, could wreck your health if you’re not careful to stay hydrated and prevent excessive exposure.

Do step out in the early mornings and late evenings for your daily does of the sun but during peak times of the day, protect your skin with sunscreen. Cover up, wear hats, and stay out of the sun as much as you can. Find a good tree, or don’t go out at all.

Seek that shade today, and make a habit of it whenever you feel you’re getting too much sun.

You’ll thank us later!

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