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Park at a Park Today

Parks are those sanctuaries of peace, oases of calm in a frenzied world. In many cases, they are perhaps the only significantly large patch of greenery in an entire city.

There’s something to do in a park for people of all ages, but the best thing about it is that you get to interact with nature. Parks tend to have cleaner air and this can contribute to better overall health.

Apart from the physical exercise angle, there is also the point of mental health to consider. A daily regime of light exercise can favor all systems alike, and this can in turn lead to an improved brain functioning.

Parks also give us the luxury of genuinely connecting with people — something that a great many of us miss out on. These places can be the best spots for getting to know new people and renewing old ties.

All in all, parks are great spaces to unwind post daily grinds. And to add to that, they also help protect natural ecosystems and aid in storm water collection.

Today, visit a local park. Take a membership if need be. Few parks organize barbecues on this day, so if you can, do participate.

Thank those sanctuaries of yours for all they give you.

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