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Mind your Math

Back in school, it was a subject for daily homework, crazy equations and formulas that went way over our heads.

Many of us wondered whether these would come of any use to us ever, and some still believe it was useless to pore over those heavy textbooks.

If you think the same way, that’s because you aren’t looking closely.

You’re reading this article because a programmer designed this portal. Even the simplest of programs have their roots in math.

Engineers could design brilliant buildings for you to work and relax in, again thanks to math.

You’re able to pay for your coffee, make investments, demand payments — all thanks to math.

The list is endless.

It’s humbling to realize the impact that this widely misunderstood subject has in our daily lives.

So on this day, we honor Math.

Pick up some old books of yours and go through them — you may discover a new-found love for the subject. You could learn a math trick, or play a game — anything that uses math to get those nerve cells tingling.

Give your brain a workout — math is one of the best options out there for that.

And as always, have fun!

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