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World’s Cutest Animals & Where To Find Them

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.Anatole France

Let’s meet the most adorable animals from different regions around the world whether it be Dik Diks from Africa to Australia’s tiny Bilbies. Animals are funny, happy and cuddly. Some are furry, some feathery and some are spiny. The survival, interaction, and beauty of these animals is worth witnessing.

Here are some of the most cutest that we can come up with.

Red Pandas

Red Panda can be spotted differently in a queue of Pandas. It is not bigger than domestic cats. The Easter pandas have reddish-brown fur, a long shaggy tail and a waddling gait due to its shorter legs. Southwest China and Eastern Himalayas are the places where they reside. They enjoy eating bamboo on top of the tree where they spend most of their time.


Quokkas are commonly found on some unknown island in Western Australia, particularly on Rottnest Island. Early explorer thought Quokkas were large rats but later on they recognised them for their originality and as different from other animals. They are often described as the world’s happiest animal which brings several tourists to Rottnest Island.

Fennec Fox

Fennec fox is different from other foxes in the family as they can easily survive in Sahara, where they are commonly found. It is the smallest among all foxes but has big ears, almost six inches long. This unique feature makes them different from other foxes. Their hairy feet helps them to protect in every kind of climate. Fennec fox are domesticated in some countries and are friendly and are of playful nature.

Dik Diks

Dik-Diks is a small type of antelope but close enough to deer. Unlike most antelopes dik-diks mate for life. They get their name from the noise they make when they sense danger. This noise is mainly by female Dik Diks which serves as a warning call when there is danger nearby. This voice not only alerts other dik-diks but other large animals as well. Dik-Diks can also adapt to dry areas to live in East and South Africa.

Arctic Foxes

Arctic fox can adapt to most extreme climates and has the warmest pelt of any animal found in the Arctic. This fox changes color with season and it sheds its fur twice a year. In winter the fur is extremely thick and pure white, while in summer it changes to brownish. The Arctic fox is the only canid that changes the coats in summer.


Bilbies are tiny but excellent diggers, their burrows can be several meters long and deep. It’s fur is usually grey or white. It has a long pointy nose and very long ears, hence earning its nickname, the rabbit-eared bandicoot. Bilbies live in spinifex grasslands and mulga scrublands in the hot, dry, arid and semi-arid areas of Australia.

Monk Seal

Monk Seal is an adorable and playful mammal and can be seen rolling around on beaches in Hawaii. It’s grey coat, white belly and slender physique distinguish them from other seals. The monk seal physique is ideal for hunting lobster, fish and octopus in deep water when it is not hunting it basks on the sandy beaches in Northwest Hawaii Island.

Bahamas Pigs

Swimming pigs in the Bahamas are a popular tourist attraction. Visitors in Big Major Cay can disembark and enjoy swimming with pigs in warm water and can also interact with them on the white-sand beaches. Nobody knows how these pigs came to Bahamas but now there are dozens of pigs and piglets that can be found on this island.

Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac Breasted Roller is the national bird of Kenya and can be found all over Sub-Saharan African. It is one of the prettiest birds in the world with rainbow coloured feathers. They live in grassland habitats surrounded by trees and shrubs.

So which of these animals would you like to see and live with? 🙂

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