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The best detours for a road trip

A road trip is surely a guilty pleasure for the most of us. In these times where our lives are hectic and we hardly get quality time for leisure, road trips offer a number of opportunities to unwind. There is a certain level of freedom attached to this. The amount of places and experiences you can cover in a road trip is innumerable. Celebrated performer Danny Kayes had once said

To head out is to bring a voyage into yourself.

Get ready to hit the road! Let’s explore some of the best detours for a road trip.

Grape Trails - Chianti Road, Italy

These beautiful towns are where lives are peaceful and revolve around the town squares. Another attraction on this are the enotecas (wine shops) where you can stopovers for wine tastings. The region is especially known for its red wines. The road remains open throughout the year across all seasons but it is particularly the Spring season when you should visit this place. The drive through this road becomes splendid with wildflowers of various colours blooming on all the sides.         

Tropical Trails - B9 Road, Mauritius

Passing through the Indian Ocean shoreline, the B9 is a stunning road to drive across. The road starts from a place called Le Morne and continues till Souillac. It passes through the UNESCO world heritage site Le Morne Brabant, a majestic basaltic monolith with a summit of 56 metres which is associated with the country’s tryst with slavery and ultimately freedom from it.  There is a viewpoint at Maconde Rock that is very famous and this road ends at the beautiful beaches of Saint Martin and Bel Ombre. The Jacobet Bay which is now a famous surfing spot has a number of stories related to pirate loots centered around it. There are different varieties of beaches that you can see in this stretch. The St. Felix is a swimming friendly beach, Riambel for beach-combing and Gris which is for the adventure lovers with cliffs and strong ocean waves. Driving through this entire stretch you can journey through the country’s colonial past.

Desert Trail – Death Valley, USA

Death Valley is a desert valley situated in Southeast California region of the United States. It is home to the world’s prestigious Death Valley National Park and the Badwater Basin. This valley is also one of the hottest regions in the world with temperatures going as high as 134 °F. 

Death Valley National Park is the ideal place for adventure lovers and will leave them with an adrenaline rush. It has wildflowers, picturesque climbs, sand rises, dry lake beds, mountains, and more. A drive through this trail is one of the best kept secrets not many people know about.

Snowy Trail - Ring Road Iceland

The Iceland Ring Road, otherwise called Þjóðvegur 1, or Route 1, is a national street that runs across Iceland criss-crossing all significant towns and urban areas. The Ring Road is 828 miles in length (1,332 kilometres), making it the longest street in Iceland. Iceland’s Ring Road is the best way to explore the whole country as it covers all the important attractions and sights on the way. The road has waterfalls, black sand beaches, lakes, volcanic mountains, places to witness the Northern lights and many more. It has a good mix of busy places and less bustling ones making it the perfect trip across Iceland.

Shoreline Trails - Great Ocean Road, Australia

Just about 90 kilometres from the Victorian capital, the Great Ocean Road passes through the Southern Ocean from Torquay to Portland. Made by officers coming back from World War I, the 300km course has a good mix of diverse destinations like the incredibly famous shorelines, national stops and natural landscapes. The most attractive attraction on this drive is the Twelve Apostles, a characteristic arrangement of limestone stacks which seem to have risen from the Southern Ocean. This is a great place to take photographs. There are mountains, seas, rainforests and national parks (home to rare animals, kangaroos, penguins, koalas and multi-hued parrots).

Forest Trails - The Anaimalai's of Tamil Nadu

The Nilgiris are the perfect destinations for adventure lovers. The Annamalais of Tamil Nadu especially deserve special mention. The road from Benglauru to Coimbatore that leads to Valparai has lush green rainforests, cascades, dams, and streams along the way. The hilly road has sharp turns and is absolutely picturesque.

The Nilgiri Tahrs can be seen grazing in the rolling grasslands along the hills. Valparai is a biodiversity hotspot home to a number of rare flora and fauna, and is one of the best stretches of the Western Ghats. It also has tea and coffee plantations along the way.

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