Travel hacks to get the most out of your trip

If you want to take a big trip on a small budget, or if you want to explore parts of the planet that you’ve only read about—or even if you just want the option of travelling more without spending a ton of money – all of these things are possible, thanks to travel hacking!

When and how of flight tickets

Book flights on Tuesdays

Pro-tip! Tuesdays at 3:00pm , six weeks before your flight, is when tickets are the absolute cheapest. So, don’t panic and just reserve for best.

Join the airlines frequent flyer program

It pays to have the chance to get some special treatment. Even if you have no intention of ever flying again a certain airline again, it still pays to sign up for their program. The reason is that these customers are often given preference over passengers who aren’t part of the program. After all, they’re free to join!

Pre-book your airport transportation

Taxis in countries like Europe and Australia are extremely pricey, so check to see if you can pre-book a seat on an airport shuttle for a fraction of the price of a taxi (check sites like KLOOK). If you’re visiting the U.S., check to see if UberPool or LyftLine are offered in the city you’re visiting, so that you can split the cost of your ride with another passenger.

Pack Smartly

Suitcase in a suitcase

If you plan on doing a lot of shopping, pack a smaller suitcase inside of  a bigger suitcase so that you don’t need to carry so many suitcases when you depart for your trip. It would make it easier for you to carry two suitcases instead of carry one with all the things stuffed inside it. For more read about Packing Cubes.

The heavy things go near the wheels

When you pack your bag lying down, you may not keep in mind what will happen when you stand it up on the wheels. Keep the heavy things near the wheels and even angle things to stay upright when it’s rolling, and not upside down. This way you will not feel that the luggage is heavy.

Use Craft Boxes for packing​

It is an easy way to carry multiple things in one box like snacks, jewellery, medicines and other essentials. It would make it easier for you to pack and unpack, and also you will not lose things.

Use a sponge for shower gel

It is always easier to carry travel size things of every product that you use so that they don’t take up a lot of space and for this trick, you can use a sponge and just inject shower gel through a syringe in the sponge and pack it up in a plastic bag and voila! You are ready for the trip.

Easy space for shoes

Pack shoes inside a shower cap to protect your belongings from dirty soles. This wouldn’t catch up a lot of space.

Save spaces in cases

Fill extra contact cases with keys, earrings, coins, wires and cords to save them from tangling.